Sunday, June 20, 2010


They say pictures are worth a thousand words. I'm not convinced, but I do like pictures.

Our "Laser" : a 16-ft sailing dinghy. Had a fantastic sail on Sabbath... I think I capsized 7 times.

Run in the woods today was fun, except for the part where I inadvertently hit a branch with my leg. Impact abrasion that followed : plenty of bang for the buck.

The Cabin where I am studying for the MCAT. 10-15 min. study blocks interspersed with 2-3 minute breaks. On friday, a study block was interrupted in an attempt to match a persistent birdsong with its elusive author. No success.

Fog off the water after a wonderful storm this P.M.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Around Home

first two pictures: house
last three pictures: driveway

Friday, June 11, 2010

News Flash

Global Crisis Precipitated by Picture of Homemade Bread:

A blogger has unwittingly caused a crisis of immense proportions by posting pictures of his mother's homemade bread on his blog.

Problems started when a certain P.B. N'Jamer happened upon the posting as he was perusing all blogs containing the hit-word "and." "A funny thing happened when I saw that picture," says N'Jamer -- "I suddenly became extremely -- ferociously --hungry!" N'Jamer continued to say "It was weird, because I'm like, totally not an obsessive personality at all!"

N'Jamer immediately signed in to his online weight-watchers support group to see if he could get any help. The only other person in the chatroom was a UN official who agreed to correspond with us on condition of anonymity. N'Jamer related the incident in a flood of emoticons to his new-found friend (whom we will call The Patriot), who asked for a link to the blog out of curiosity. The Patriot (who was in the middle of drafting a notice of impending belligerence to North Korea should they continue in their belligerence) was so struck with the symmetry and symbolism of the bread that his missive suddenly became irrevocably encrusted in breaded metaphors and panache.

The Patriot traveled to the nearest healthfood store to buy some 19-grain bread, and munched happily as he pounded out the last syllables of notice on his iPhone.

" ... and from these burning sanctions (which we can deliver in less time than it takes to bake a loaf of fine european artisan bread) your economy will suddenly shrink like fluff of white bread in the hand of a powerful european artisan baker. From this bad batch there would be no rising. Sincerely, ____________. P.S. Check this out."

When Hyung Hoo Pah (The Minister of Defense) in North Korea received this notice, he immediately rearranged the entire defense budget. Hoo Pah declined to comment when we attempted to contact him for the details, but it is now clear from satellite images that 97.6% of North Korea's nuclear budget has been rerouted to the making of artisan breads.

"This reflects a dangerous shift in the mentality of them North Koreans" warns defense secretary Ram Punckle of the United States. "We think this could be the ushering in of an era of bread war" says Punckle. Massive rearrangements in defense strategy appear to be happening on an international level. "It's called a tumble-loaf effect" says senior analyst Bertrand ('Bump') ThCurve of International Bread Management (IBM) Inc. "We saw it happen in 124 B.C. when Mithridates II succeeds Artabanus as king of Parthia... I mean, this stuff is happening all the time!"

It is a crisis of almost unconceivable magnitude, but for the man it started with, things have been looking up. P.B. N'Jamer's wife reports that he has been talking a blue streak about "some eastern oriental concept of perfection ... something Shangri --- Shangri --- Shangri-loaf I think. Anyways, I've never seen him so blissfully happy!"

-- Reported by Hohn E. Jelliott -- Harpswell, ME.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Mom and Dad have always (within my memory) made incredibly good bread. However, they have recently taken the process to an entirely new level. I love it!

(Art)(Science) = Toothsome

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sunday, June 6, 2010 -- Barry and Christy were married. A sacred and momentus and happy thing.

I'm trying to understand this. There are two unknowns in my mind: both the shape and the relevance of the event. If I stop to consider the shape of an event, my solution will outmoded by time. The only way to stop something long enough to understand its shape would be to pour on some mental liquid nitrogen: but in time it would crumble. For now, all events seem like unto Heisenberg's whizzing electron. Undeniably real, provokingly unknowable.

If you don't understand this ... then maybe you do.

Perhaps this struggle is what makes a relationship with God meaningful; because meaning is knowing...

God knows
we know
He knows