Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today I enjoyed an excellent breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Today an average of 41,095 children died of malnutrition.

Today I attended a thought-provoking church service, and filled up on Haystacks for Potluck.

Today hundreds of monks in Lhasa, Tibet rushed out into the streets to protest for their countries freedom. Many died, nobody really knows just how many.

Today I enjoyed an afternoon Mountain-bike ride in the rain.

Today at dawn a british journalist was hung in Iraq.

Why? Today?

Before Today is Yesterday. Before we forget what it means to be safe. Before we become comfortable. Before we lose the capacity to cry. Before Today becomes Tomorrow. Stop. Think.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We've been on this plane a LONG time, can you tell?

One of the more impressive "Martinikerk" structures. We played in this one.

Same Church. Different Part.

Intact Medeival = Brouge

Also Brouge

North Sea.

The walk into Brouge from the Train Station.

Classic Timothy George.

This one is for Dad. This is 3" solid Redwood! (One Tree!)

Flat: Very.

One of our Hostels! We had fun exploring....