Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ex nihilo qualia

the light is pouring
and sun-drops splash
blood blue my morning
gold to grey ash

now dark is winging
and heart is cold
but God is singing
grey ash to gold

Sunday, March 28, 2010

more almost circles

joy -> pain
faith and works
deontology -> teleology
regeneration (plants, animals, etc.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the almost circle

If I were ye,
an ye were me,
and that made three,
or four?

Why, we'd sip tea,
an me-lo-dy,
o'er that made three,
and four!

Four or three, maid?
that and me were!
ye an ye were...
1 If.

note: Christy told me she thought this might have been a poetic account of a romantic conversation. It was intended to be a conversation between an old man and a little girl.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

eternity's ellipsis

I saw a ripple in the clouds,
running across the rye
Like a pebble in a lake,
skating circles in the sky.

I found a rainbow in a tear,
dropping silent on earth
Like to screaming in the wind,
tossing around on the berth.

I heard a whisper in the mist,
dancing around the night
Like an echo in the past,
finding dead things in the bright.

I knew the master by His plan,
straining heart with a seive
Like to leaping off a cliff,
seizing meaning I will live.

photo source: here

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SAU 1637

Excerpts from the discovered journal of a student on this campus: A.D. 1637

Anatomy Class: First day
The teacher is a wild-haired, disheveled individual with a keen craze for cutting into things. He wears a full suit of homespun fullcloth and shrouds himself in a durable black apron -- he wears a cracked monocle. "Ladies and Gents" quoth he, "today let it be known among ye, that in this barrel of Frankus magnum [ here a cunning smile ] I have hid aught which did give up the ghost in the yesteryear. It hath been preserved in the juice of the asean lime and tartearic humor...."
My classmate shivers, and wraps himself more tightly in the folds of his voluminous robe.

The Cafeteria: Pasta day
The astounding Madame Lindacicus knows all of us by name! Albeit, I had to correct her when she tried to remember my name: She said "Wintrefort Alberthain Heresifont II of Aberlathe" when she should have said "Wintrefort Alberthain Heresifont II of Entermoot" ... Alas, but she tryeth. The damsel behind the counter addressed me with the usual abrupt query: "Would'st thou prefer to dine in this large open assembly or in the privacy of thine own quarters?" They don't mince words here, do they? When I replied " Verily, I would prefer to dine in this large open assemblage because my room rotteth wet from chill and dampness" -- she showed her teeth! What a ghastly response to my little joke.

Dinnertime edification:
I selected the boiled wheat strips, the green spriggots, and the new Allium sativum bread for my dining pleasure, and for the general reinforcement of my corpus. Sat at a table with a gaggle of nursing students (females all). They were pontificating about the usual: "Well this day in practicum, I got to sear my first patient with the red-hot iron" ... and "My nursing supervisor said that raw potatoes and whiskey are the best remedy for an upset stomach" and "all the drugs / potions they're using nowadays... I wish they'd go back to natural remedies: blackened wood, juice of lemon, pumsquatch jelly, horseraddish hyssop beer..." Must be the good, conservative type.

Taskus oddendums:
I traversed the field between Talge Hall of Accomodation for Males and the University Feed warehouse. While there, I procured a crate of surfactant cleaning compound, and a barrel of Topus ramenus, which recently arrived on a ship from Java. Payed in full with 2 chunks of silver. When I exited the premises, there was a large scrum occuring across the field by Thatcher Hall of Accomodation for Females. I left my crate and barrel in the possesion of the storemaster, and, gathering up my robe, sprinted to the site. The occasion of this unruly behavior appears to have been a female (should have known). Two young squires had fallen into a disagreement over which one was more favored by said specimen, and things had come to blows. They were at it hammer and tongs before the proprietary protectorate representative of safety on this fair campus arrived, and separated them in due time with diligent and creative use of a large rock. . . . .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Garden and Loss

Check out the Garden Blog some time. Good things are happening there -- see pictures above.

In other news, our hockey team lost tonight to "Bruiser Brothers" -- which means we're finished for the season. Ah well. My eye probably needs some rest / recuperation time anyways.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

savage days

Eat fast. Study deep. Sleep some. Curse alarm. Love well. Dream hard.

Cry for fragility.

Laugh over weakness.

Run with God.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010