Monday, June 13, 2011


In early September I'll fly to Senegal to work at the AHI-run adventist dispensaire with Boaz and LaRae Papendick. From my understanding, the clinic is located in or near Ziguinchor, below Gambia's insertion. I believe I'll be working in the garden and helping out with building construction there, but I'll be happy to try my hand at whatever is needed.

This is my first free summer since the summer after my Freshman year of college; the list of things I would like to do is as long as it is delightful. Most of all, I'm sincerely loving the time I am able to spend with Martina in her study breaks, as she is taking the DAT and Physics here.

It is amazing to see how God has led! Martina has another year at Southern to finish up her degree in Biology; we plan to get married next summer before going back to school at Loma Linda University.